Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids grow WAY to fast =/

So the kids and I were going through clothes and I can't believe all the items that were too small for them! I mean, things ive purchased like a month ago, Julians (my 1yr old) tummy was popping out of almost all his tshirts! I can't tell you how many moms say "I feel like I just had he/she just yesterday". It's SO true, time is flying by so fast, as soon as I know it, they will be in there teens...Rylee seriously sings every song on the radio, and everything I say she says "oh my goodness mama". She's a crack up! Me staying home these past 2 days have made a huge difference in their behavior. Waking up and making them breakfast, watching nick jr and disney with them in the mornings, playing outside and naptime, being able to FINISH laundry seriously feels awesome. Im going to really push this makeup career since its my real passion, id have more time for the munchkins and id be doing what I absolutely love. And right when I thought morning sickness was over...It came to visit today, oh joy.


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  1. Nice to see you on blogger Alyssa!
    I know exactly how you feel when about these kids growing up so fast! I really try and take the time and enjoy the small things..which is not always very easy=/
    Hope things with your morning sickness get better so you can start to enjoy this pregnancy more. Take care lady!