Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pregnancy will make you think you're crazy.

This will be my 3rd pregnancy and I swear, I feel/act like I've never been through this before. When they say every pregnancy is different.. IT'S TRUE. I go absolutely insane with these food cravings, rummaging through my closet to find something that fits besides my yoga pants, peeing every second of my life and of course, the emotions/hormones. The other night I swear I felt something trickle out of me, I instantly thought it was amniotic fluid. I called the doctor on call and he told me to rush in. Here we are, sitting in the L&D room totally nervous not knowing what was going on. Thankfully it was nothing, how embarassing right? Wrong! If you're pregnant and think something is wrong, instantly call your doctor or go in, that's what they are for. I mean, what if it was something and I were to just brush it off? If my water were to break at this time I have no idea what would happen. I mean, i'm only 20 weeks. It's not like they can replace my amniotic fluid! During our visit, they tested to see if it was fluid or anything like that, and they checked the baby through an ultrasound, she was squirming around, and yes, shes still a girl! Pregnancy is a crazy thing and it's amazing what a womans body can actually do!

Anyways, my husband wants a total of 4 kids, I don't know if  I want to go through this again.. If only guys can feel our pain!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today my good friends and I attended IMATS (International makeup artist trade show) and it was awesome, all those years I've missed! I loved seeing all the makeup artists and people walking around, and so many venders! The highlight of the day was Kandee Johnson, we waited in line for about 2 hours just to see her (sounds kind of ridiculous) she is very inspiring and it's amazing to see how many girls look up to her. She was telling us her story and how she got started in the makeup industry and how she started in beauty school and hated doing hair, she mentioned in beauty school she would have like a million makeup applications and nothing for hair, it made me laugh to myself because that's exactly how I was. She also mentioned about bullying and people are going to say mean things, to just ignore them and move on, I can't stress enough how much it irritates me when people are so judgemental and rude, and how easily feelings can be hurt. My point is, people are going to be what they are, and theirs no point in trying to change someone or fight back, just walk away and laugh, just know that you are beautiful and amazing for who you are and those rude people are just haters or jealous. <3

Going to this makeup show and listening to Kandee speak about makeup and how she got started gave me hope again, this business makes me feel like a lost puppy. I have so much creativity and makeup ideas and I can't wait to share them with the world and get back out there, I know it's not going to happen over night but if I work hard I know it will pay off.

Thanks for following my blog!


Monday, April 18, 2011

I have everything to "brag" about

        Ive met my husband about 4 years ago, in 2007, my daughter was only 7 or 8 months, shortly after that he moved in with me and my mom, everyone told us it was way to soon and that we wouldn't last, and all that fun stuff. Since the day we met we were inseparable. Febuary of 2009 on valentines day he proposed to me (totally unexpected) I seriously reminisced about that day over and over, it was so perfect. At the time I was carrying our son Julian Cash, which was due in september. September 23rd we welcomed him to this messed up world and hes the cutest little thing. Jason and I decided to rush our wedding and get married June of 2010, we couldn't wait to be husband and wife and didn't see the point of spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, we had a cute little ceremony at a courthouse and had a great dinner with friends and family at a restaurant. Ive never understood why if you love someone, why spend all that money on an event only you will remember, and is all that stress and money really worth it? If you love someone why not make it "you" and intimate? Our wedding day was the best wedding day and I still get butterflies thinking about it. Our honey moon was a road trip to San Diego, we've both never really been, we had a really nice dinner and visited all these nice places. I've married the love of my life, have two beautiful kids, amazing grandma and mother&father in law. Some pretty awesome brothers and sister in law, and great selected friends! We've sacrificed so much for our family, from selling our nice things, 4 of us living in a garage to save money, paying off all our dept, and we are now looking to buy a house. I'm SO excited for all these new changes in our very near future, not to mention the new cupcake on the way. Yes, its kind of nerve racking and yes we wish we can hide in a hole sometimes but this is what life is, beautiful struggles. You need to start small to go big :]

BIG thanks to everyone that believed in us and still does
And to everyone that doubted us, you're lame


Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids grow WAY to fast =/

So the kids and I were going through clothes and I can't believe all the items that were too small for them! I mean, things ive purchased like a month ago, Julians (my 1yr old) tummy was popping out of almost all his tshirts! I can't tell you how many moms say "I feel like I just had he/she just yesterday". It's SO true, time is flying by so fast, as soon as I know it, they will be in there teens...Rylee seriously sings every song on the radio, and everything I say she says "oh my goodness mama". She's a crack up! Me staying home these past 2 days have made a huge difference in their behavior. Waking up and making them breakfast, watching nick jr and disney with them in the mornings, playing outside and naptime, being able to FINISH laundry seriously feels awesome. Im going to really push this makeup career since its my real passion, id have more time for the munchkins and id be doing what I absolutely love. And right when I thought morning sickness was over...It came to visit today, oh joy.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life as of lately.

So, many of you people may know me, or not, or think you know me. The truth is, everyone is going to have there own perception of a person, as annoying as it may be sometimes. I'm 21, and a mother of two kids, with another one on the way. I recently quit my job (that I liked a lot) to stay with my two young kids, and so far i'm happy with my decision, I really don't care what people are going to say or have said, I know what I want in life and whats best for my kids and being gone 89% of the time is not how I want my kids to remember me. Ive completed 1,500 hours on cosmetology school and blew thousands doing it, studied my ass off to pass that state board test, now theres got to be something better out there, my true love is makeup artistry. Ive always seen hair as my "backup plan" even though im fairly good at it. Some people may say I made a dumb decision but I really don't care! Im going to do what makes ME happy in my life, i'm tired of trying to "please" everyone. Because in reality, people will like you for who you are, not who you're trying to be, I think the best people are the real and honest people.

Ive never been good with writing and im probably all scattered, but I appreciate everyone for reading!

stay tuned,